New features of Rollex Games Slots

Rollex  Slots

From the mysterious oriental princess, who often reveal a dragon with long, it is said that when the princess and the dragon will be accompanied by bring fortune and wealth, so people also called her Princess Yun fu! Aristocrat as the inspiration, to create 25 color lines of fortune Princess slot machine, is about to bring you unexpected surprise!
Panda – rolling property it Gold Edition, the winning color line increase to 50 to 150 color line, come to experience the power of cute panda!
Aristorcrat carefully crafted “jade” to the hall! There is a big opportunity to trigger 108 color line winning opportunities, quickly enter the game experience the thrill of winning!
– “the emperor Dynasty Emperor Shun” has 100 color line to win the prize the opportunity, when the disk at arbitrary position more than three “Golden Jade”, will enter the 15 free games special award. When the line appears, the combination will rotate again on the same track. The maximum rotation number is up to 50 times. Once again, the golden dragon appears in the line combination and has the opportunity to receive x2 awards, up to x32! The game has a better chance of winning 3 different series of premium pool bonuses! Fun to stimulate the thrill of winning, people can not help but want to play all the time!
– the face with a smile, witch robes, portable bag Maitreya Buddha, people call him “monk”. The new slot machine revolves around the Maitreya Buddha, the embodiment of good fortune, and elaborately creates “happy music again and again”!

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