Game breaking is the extension and application of the game market city to the service

The game is a broken collar extension and application of the city in the market game, from the technical to the game, from a comprehensive operation to service, management and other aspects of the fault, this will enhance the comprehensive level of the game entertainment city, the entertainment city in an invincible position in the competitive neutrality with a wonderful, personal experience to stimulate you. Let everyone on the online game entertainment city have a huge favor.

Entertainment city from the original game for a game to find a customer base

In this one the economic law under the drive of the national entertainment city have to go abroad, to seek development opportunities in the world, many games have become a global game, has become a pillar industry of many international support to industry, the relationship between the target market and the game, from the original into a game to find a customer group. The casino gaming revenue, into a consumer to find a rhythm game, the realization of customer value.